Valuing GreenhausHr's Proposition

Cross-section of two growth industries - HR Tech and the Legal Cannabis Market!

Onboarding & Post Hire Training


GreenHausHR's technology will provide modules

in PDF and short video format that managers, budtenders and other staff would be trained on as part of their post hire onboarding & job training.


  • Document Management
  • Electronic Forms
  • Employee Handbook
  • Orientation Workflow Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Task Management
  • Training Management

Post Hire Training Example Modules

  • State Specific Laws
  • Flower 101
  • Tools of the Trade (e.g. Ancillary Products)
  • Customer Interaction
  • Inventory & Ordering
  • Employee First Mentality
  • Customer Experience

Compliance & Consulting Overview

Compliance Support

Compliance Support

  • Federal, State & Local Compliance – up-to date guidance on employment law such as sick leave, wages and notice requirements
  • Employee Handbooks – including key policy statements and guidance
  • Policies & Documents –maintain legally compliant documents including checklists, best practices and procedures
  • Training Programs – including sexual harassment, workplace safety & employee continuing education
  • Performance Reviews – part pf ongoing professional development training
Advisory & Consulting Services

Advisory & Consulting Services

GreenHausHR add value to your business by assisting and aligning with your HR organization and C-level suite to support the strategic growth goals and objectives of your organization. Some of our services include:

  • Benchmarking & Surveys
  • Access to HR information
  • Cost analysis & optimization
  • Audit of internal HR Policies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Benefits Administration (3rd Party Services)

Robust Job Growth Experienced In The Legal Cannabis Industry

  • The cannabis industry is set to create close to 60,000 jobs in New York by 2027, both within the industry itself as well as in support roles, according to an economic impact analysis from Cuomo's office.
  • Green Thumb received more than 700 applications for a recent job listing for a regional retail director. "We get to be very selective in who we speak to and who we’d like to interview," Muehlstein added. “The bar is raised."
  • The 32% increase in job growth in the cannabis sector came at a time when the broader U.S. economy shrank by 3.5% in 2020, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.
  • The cannabis industry will offer over 400,000 full time jobs in 2021 according to the Annual Marijuana Business Factbook
Robust Job Growth Experienced In The Legal Cannabis Industry
The Need For A Full Service Cannabis RPO™

The Need For A Full Service Cannabis RPO™

  • Ability to manage greater number of candidates from pre-screening to post-management
    • Recruitment & ATS Integration
    • Candidate Onboarding
    • Candidate Report & Evaluations
  • Turnover is the result of poor evaluatiob of job candidates.
    • Turnover costs U.S. employees an estimated $766 Billion per year*
    • 80% of turnover is the result of bad hiring decisions**
    • With video interviewing tools in place, companies are 2.7x more likely to improve their cost per hire***
  • Assessments, the science of hiring, results in better screening of candidates resulting in lower turnover
  • Training (ADD NOTES)